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Dear guest,

The following information is supposed to set up the contractual relationship between you, as renter of our vacation apartment, and us, the landlords.


You, as renter of our vacation apartment / vacation apartments will receive a booking confirmation only after your reservation order you placed either by phone call, fax or email. This confirmation can also be sent by fax, email or post. The contract for you as the renter will become active and obtain validity with the dispatch of the booking confirmation. 


Each over-occupation – even in the short term – is expressly prohibited.

 Pets only on demand.



 NO – We cannot allow smoking in the vacation apartments – NO SMOKING HOUSE – We and also the next renters will be pleased if you use the courtyard area for smoking. If you should decide to smoke nevertheless, this will lead to an extremely increased effort with the final cleaning which we will have to charge with an additional amount of 50 euros that will be deducted from your deposit. In case the next renters refuse to rent the vacation home booked due to the fact that they find the smell your smoking unbearable, we will have to bill you for the complete rental charges we are losing hereby. Should you smoke in our apartments regardless of the ban on smoking and should smoking be continued even after a warning by our house personnel, we will be authorized to cancel your stay immediately and without financial claim on a reimbursement of the rental fee.


Rules of the house

Please bear in mind that the vacation apartment is situated in the direct neighborhood of residential houses, and we would therefore ask you to avoid any disturbing noise, especially before 6 am and after 10 pm. Please lock the front door in the time between 8 pm and 6 am as well as anytime you leave the house. The courtyard gate to the street should always remain locked. Please do in no case enter the living room and bedroom with spike heels or dirty street shoes and keep the windows closed while you are absent. It is not allowed to carry on a commercial business without the explicit permission of the landlord. Should you wish to welcome guests in your vacation apartment or in the courtyard, we would like to ask you to announce this in advance with our service personnel because this requires an explicit permission. After having received this permission, please understand that your guests / visitors will have to leave our vacation home in any case after 10 pm at the latest. A special permit can be given in individual cases. Contraventions can lead to an immediate cancellation of the rent contract without reimbursement of the costs.


Guest accommodation contract

A guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the apartment was ordered by you as the renter and confirmed by us via email or post. For the landlord the reservation will become binding only after the dispatch of the booking confirmation and the receipt of the advance payment. Handing over of the keys is effected on individual arrangement. You as the ordering party declare explicitly to be responsible for the contractual obligations of all co-traveling persons. The rental object may only be inhabited by the persons and the number of persons stated in the booking confirmation. Pets can only be accepted in exceptional cases and are only permitted when they were registered in advance.


Payment of the rent

A booking deposit  of  35% , min. 75 Euros , is required upon booking and is payable within one week,  the balance should be paid  10 days before arrival through bank transfer, cheque  or by paypal.
In case of
a booking  at short notice the entire amount must  be received on the landlords  bank account or is due at arrival in cash
( Euros).
Any  resulting bank charges, additional costs such as internet, bikes , extra sets of laundry etc. as well as the damage deposit  be should be paid upon arrival in cash (Euros).


Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the rent contract anytime by means of a written statement or by email. The statement will be valid from the day it is received by us. We will demand a compensation for the arising expenses. With the calculation of the compensation, we may need to take into consideration other rentals of the apartment. We assert the following claims (cancellation fees). If you cancel up to 29 days prior to the beginning of the rental period, we will charge 20 % of the total sum, however, at least 75 Euros as a compensation for recruiting new guests. A cancellation from the 28th to 15th day prior to the beginning of the rental period will lead to a compensation of 50 % of the rental fee. For a cancellation from the 14th to 5th day prior to the beginning of the rental period, we will charge 80 % of the rental fee. Should the cancellation be made after the 4th day prior to the beginning of the rental period, we will keep the total rent if we are not able to find a substitute renter. If the rental fee for the substitute renter turns out to be lower, we will retransfer the difference to your rent and our additional expenses. You may also provide another renter who will automatically take on your rights and obligations after our confirmation of the change of participants. The confirmation of a change in booking will be charged with a lump sum amounting to 25 euros. We recommend to conclude a trip cancellation insurance.


Rental period

The rental period includes the use of the apartment on the day of arrival from 2 pm and on the day of departure until 10 am.



The landlord cannot be held liable for a short-term failure of facilities as well as for restrictions, whichever, if these were not personally caused by the landlord. A reduction of the rental fee is impossible. The landlord reserves the right for a change of the vacation apartment.


End of the rental period

The vacation apartment has to be left well-swept, garbage cans should be emptied. We would be very pleased if you cleaned kitchenware, stove, coffee machine, pots, oven, microwave oven, pans etc. The guest is totally responsible for all damages occurring during the rental. The landlord is entitled to enter the vacation apartment if needed. The landlord is not liable for the loss of objects of value, this also applies for any loss in the guest room (bicycles…) and in the courtyard area. You are using the vacation apartment, stairs, facilities and the complete courtyard area at your own risk.


Damage Deposit

When handing over the keys, we ask you give to our staff member a deposit in the amount of 150.00 Euros (for long-term renter from one month up to half a year 500.00 euros, longer than half a year 1,000.00 euros). At the end of the rental period, this deposit will be reckoned up against possible damages or loss of keys, however, we would much rather refund you your total deposit.


Cleaning service

We offer all guests, especially those who are staying longer in our vacation home, a cleaning service which can be ordered upon agreement on the spot whenever required. 


Additional Regulations for construction workers / mechanics

1) For each vacation apartment a deposit in the amount of 500 euros has to be left either in cash, per check or by bank transfer prior to the first day of the rental. This deposit will be refunded within one week after the last rental day provided the apartment was left properly. Should any damages have occurred, we differentiate the following two categories:

a) minor damage – for example: broken kitchenware, loss of key, the damage occurred will be immediately deducted from the reimbursement of the deposit.

b) major damage – for example: damage of furniture, heavy impurity of the carpeting material. In this case, the deposit will be retained until the case is finally settled. Settlement is striven for within the period of one week.

2) In accordance with the main renter, the vacation apartment is checked by our staff member every 3 days free of charge to ensure its proper condition. If necessary, the directions by the staff member will have to be followed by the renter.

3) During longer stays, there will be a change of the linen set once a week which will be charged with 10 euros.

4) From experience, the renters visit their families during the week-ends and are pleased to come back to a clean apartment after their return in the beginning of the week. For this purpose we offer a cleaning service that, in general, manages the work to be done within approx. 2 hours. For this service we only charge 10.00 euros / hour.


Any legal case arising from this contract shall be heard exclusively in Berlin.


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For further information and enquiries please contact:

Karl M. Jung
Mobil: 0049 171 193 7169
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